The 10 Commandments for LOTO Safety

November 27, 2019

The most important key element of Lockout Tagout System is the organizational culture which is made up of beliefs, values, traditions, customs, hierarchies, etc. These qualities of the culture influences the way things are done and ultimately the LOTO System’s success. Safety should be the utmost priority for every organisation and a safe & secure working environment can be achieved, only when we follow the divine rules set for the welfare of the employees.

The 10 Commandments for the LOTO SAFETY are the 10 rules of behavior to achieve workplace safety, related to the control of Hazardous Energy.

A company may have a pre-eminent safety program, but without employee involvement in the safety program creation, implementation, improvement and self-help, no organisation can protect its employees. Because lockout tagout is the No. 1 most cited regulation in the manufacturing industry and the No. 5 most cited regulation for all industries, it only makes sense that a large portion of workplace accidents could be avoided with a solid lockout tagout program and safety-oriented company culture.

Accidents are preventable if Lockout Tagout is taken seriously. It takes employee acceptance and involvement before the catalyst of change takes place. Therefore, one must first unlearn the old values, assumptions & behaviors that are unproductive and learn the new ones to build a strong ‘Culture Foundation.’ This involves- Awareness; Education and Training; following company Rules, Regulations and Lockout Procedures; Review & Audit and most importantly- the need of taking the safest path and not short cuts.

Remember, Safety Starts with You!

There should be commitment to continuous improvement in LOTO SYSTEM.

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