Flexi Post
  • The heart of the system is unique reactive ES-Spring with the strength to support not only a flexible post, but also an information Safety Sign panel.
  • They are specially designed to withstand multiple high speed impacts. They stay in place, providing continuity in a work zone & help reducing maintenance cost.
  • Their installation reduces injuries and vehicle damage resulting from collision with Side Post or Rigid Delineator post on the roads.
  • Their round base is generally bolted to the ground. They can also be attached to the specially made heavy rubber pads - which are generally used for temporary installations for diversion of traffic on the roads.
  • Any design can be created as per client's / site requirements for perfect site management & smooth traffic movement.
Vertical Panels (VP)

Available for variety of applications.
Panel Sizes :
230 mm x 764 mm
340 mm x 900 mm Overall Height : 1000 mm

Hazard Markers (HM)

Their installation helps in reducing property damage and providing safety to the other traffic control devices – like guard rails, bridge parapet, etc.

Sargent Stripes (SS)

Generally installed where traffic is directed around two sides of an object.

Chevron Panels (CP)

Installed on the roads, round abouts, islands in the roads, etc. for directing the traffic in a specific direction.

Object Markers (OM)

Installed at : Edge of the centre verge of the roads.

Traffic Signs (TS)

They are generally made & installed as per the guidelines of the Client, Municipal Authorities or the Traffic Police.
These Signs are duly mounted on the Flexi Post for maximum visibility & perfect traffic management.

Round Black Base

It is generally installed on the roads with the help of Threaded nails & Epoxy.
The Flexi Post / Flexi Signs can be removed by unscrewing of 4 Nos. Allen Key Bolts from the round base.
The Solid Round Black Base holds the Flexi Post / Sign Post firm to the ground.

Delineator Post

They are generally used to divide traffic lanes or to mark the sides of the roads.
They are placed on permanent or temperory bases.
They are available in Yellow or Orange color with different reflective stripes as per client / site requirements.

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