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noun: innovation
the action or process of innovating.
"innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization"

synonyms: change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, reorganization, restructuring, rearrangement, recasting, remodelling, renovation, restyling, variation;

a new method, idea, product, etc.

plural noun: innovations

"technological innovations designed to save energy"

At E-Square, INNOVATION is a never ending process.

Since 2002, our team of professionals have been really working hard under the guidance of our directors.

We always felt that there was NO Invention done in our line of business, since last 10 years.
We realized that now is the …..

and started putting the right minds of our organization in studying the actual requirements of our customers and working out on their urgent needs ... We started designing the new products and customized services

The challenges were big, but finally we were able to do it by using the combination of

For this, we were made to think out of the block and actually think differently from the regular mindset of the market regulators..

This brain storming exercise for creating something new for our customers to handle their onsite problems of locking out their different kinds of valves, electrical panels, switches, etc. made it possible for the new loto products to emerge and they are the one – that are not only liked by all, but are appreciated and accepted worldwide.

These Innovations Drive Changes in the lives of all our customers

and their appreciation always motivates us to do things differently.

We at E-Square are really thankful to all our dedicated customers for making this happen. Our Gratitude to all.

E-Square Contribution to the world

for the safety of all the workers in industries.

New Lockout Padlock Design (ES - PLSP)

New Lockout Padlock Design (ES - DEL)

De - Electric Hasp Design (ES - DESH)

Metallic Multipurpose Cable Lockout Design (ES - MMCL)

Universal Multipurpose Cable Lockout Design (ES - UMCL - YB)

Universal Fuse Holder Lockout Improvement (ES - UFHL)

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